Meet Lori Lynn Haber

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About Lori:

Lori Lynn Haber, LCSW, earned a Master’s in Social Work from San Diego State University in 1990 and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Jersey in 1994. She is an accomplished, seasoned professional with an extensive background in the mental health field with over 32 years of experience. Along with her work in private practice, Lori supported many students as a school social worker in a public school system for many years.

Lori is a compassionate, kind, dedicated and inventive clinician who has been described by some colleagues and supervisors as a “gifted therapist.” She specializes in counseling children, teens, and adults with emotional regulation, social and behavioral challenges including those struggling with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. For her youngest clients, Lori uses play-based strategies, art, role-play, guided imagery, mindfulness, social skills, CBT and DBT. She has great success in connecting with teens/adolescents who may be guarded, or shut down as well as those who are in need of increasing their self esteem. Lori’s experiences on a child study team have helped her understand the unique emotional needs and stressors that many parents of children with special needs face. While she has a special place in her heart for working with children and youth, Lori also enjoys working with adults of all ages. Her experience includes providing support to college students navigating stressors of early adulthood and seniors adjusting to changes in health, independence or caregiving responsibilities.

A Word from Lori:

“I’ve always known from a young age that I wanted to pursue a career where I would have an impact in helping other people. Originally my plan was to study Art Therapy, but I decided to broaden my horizons and went to Columbia for the MSW program. The richness of New York City’s vibrancy and diversity really resonated with me. Early on in my social work studies, I provided therapy to children of many different backgrounds who had been exposed to domestic violence and this experience then led me to work with women to overcome their own trauma histories.  I often get feedback that I bring calm to a room and I strive to be a patient, open listener. My priority is to offer support and empathy for people going through challenging times in their lives. I will meet you at whatever stage you are in to help gently guide you through and make the positive change you desire. If you are new to therapy, testing out the waters for the first time - I’m a great fit for you. I don’t have any expectations when you come in my room except for you to be 100% who you are, no matter what “state” you’re in. If you are a parent looking for a therapist for your child – I find success with children and teens that are struggling with anxiety, going through a divorce situation or having difficulty coping with other life stressors. You may be a parent who is looking for a neutral person to provide guidance on how to handle those tricky parenting moments. You may be someone who sees that their child has a lot of strength but could also benefit from outside support, like everyone does from time to time. This is a collaborative process and I invite you to be prepared to come in to participate in the journey alongside your child.”

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