A Safe Place to Start Your Journey

Here at New Dawn Therapy we believe that everyone needs a space to navigate life's tougher situations. Amy Deluca Litkey and her team have a vast amount of experience helping women and children of all ages through trauma, life transitions and growth. Take a look below at the Therapy Services we offer. 

Therapy Services for Women

Women today are faced with a multitude of expectations. But what if you feel you are unable to meet these expectations? You are not alone. Whether you are dealing with sexism, assault, demands of motherhood, childbirth issues or infertility struggles there is always someone to talk to. At New Dawn Therapy, we meet with women to comfort and help them feel confident in today's society. Women struggle with unique problems- our professionals can assist you in seeking solutions in your life. 

Therapy for College Students and Young Adults

It can sometimes be difficult as a young adult to seek help. There are often many pressures that young adults face when it comes to achieving “success”. These pressures can weigh heavily on young adults and create negative emotions. At New Dawn Therapy, we provide safety and support at any stage of life. We understand the struggles that come with the transition into adulthood and are trained to help with identity, motivation, anxiety and many other issues. We strive for our clients to discover stability, direction and self reliance .

Teen Therapy/Adolescent Counseling

As an adolescent, it can be challenging to make sense of the world. Whether your teen is struggling with anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem or other stressors, therapy is a positive outlet for expression and can help your child gain a better understanding of the interplay between their thoughts, behaviors and feelings. 

Play Therapy/Child Therapy

Therapy can be beneficial at any age. We offer specialized play therapy for children ages 3-12. Through play therapy, children are able to express feelings, communicate and develop problem solving skills. Play allows expression of thoughts and feelings with a safe psychological distance from problems. 

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